What is Special line?

2023-01-16 21:26 Guangzhou Beluga International Logistics

微信图片_20230116212730.pngThese years, more and more importers try to use Special Line to transport their goods to Amazon warehouse or personal address.

However, there is only a few people who know what the special line is .

Let us show you, for example, you have 100kg goods in Shenzhen to send to Australia .

Normally , you will choose DHL , because it is faster and economical for small goods.

But the price is high , why ?

Because what the DHL provide is the standardization services , whether they received enough goods,they have to send the goods out every day.

to equal cost , the unit price become high . normally 5-8USD/KG

Let’s see how the Special line to AU works:

1)Logistics Company in China collect cargo,for example, collect 3000kg in 7-10days , then transport all the cargo to AU by air freight.

once the goods arrive at AU , will do the custom clearance and use the local express company to delivery the goods. When use special line to AU, Unit price will be 4-5USD per kg

Why the Unit price reduced ?

1)Special line have more time to collect enough goods.

2)Only deal with key nodes on their own, outsourced services reduce labor costs

Compare with DHL

1)Transit time: DHL is better (3-5 working days and 6-10 working days/10-15 days)

2)Custom clearance:Special line is better, some special line have DDP service, on the other side, DHL don’t have.

3)Logistics cost:Special line is better, and this is most important reason that why more and more importers like to use it.

4)FBA Amazon service:Special line is better, DHL is mor troublesome and expensive .